Cashflow is the #1 issue which keep Medium and Small Enterprises (M/SMEs) up at night. In Asia, only 27% of adults have a bank account, and they might not have collateral or credit reports which traditional financial institutions look for. And the recourse is money lenders who can be extremely expensive; in some cases 8% interest PER MONTH.

Most merchants have customers who can be tracked and the their loyalty to the merchant valued. Rich data in the transactions which customers undertake with merchants and loyalty programs can provide unique customer insight. However the type of data collected, security, analysis, trend, etc. isn’t done properly causing an incorrigible loss of valuable insight.

There are innovative lenders who are willing to lend to these unbanked SMEs at competitive rates, but they find it hard and/or expensive to acquire these merchants. Further, they need access to transaction data from these merchants.

Loyalty Credit intends to help address these problems for merchants and lenders, starting with access to credit using an innovative technology platform which leverages machine learning to provide better credit ratings.

Universal platform to help

Merchants monetize their loyalty

Lenders get better credit scoring

Customers get more value for their money

“Loyalty Credit”, is an innovative lending platform that eschews traditional underwriting methods and lends businesses capital based on the loyalty of their customer base.

How it Works

Benefits for

Loyalty Programs

  • Additional avenues to monetize customer data via services like lending
  • Reduced cost of onboarding new merchants via standard APIs
  • Increase customer lifetime value, influence referrals, and gain key consumer insights


  • Access to credit based on loyalty data
  • Inorganic growth of customers due to offer discovery
  • Better retention of customers and insight into customer behaviour.


  • Get access to offers from multiple loyalty programs at the same merchant
  • Better personalized offers from merchants while data is still kept secure

Clients and Partners

PaidUp is a new mobile phone app that allows small and medium sized businesses to gain more customers and revenue by strengthening the trust they have with their top fans - who can now invest in their favourite stores in return for special discounts and offers.

Waitrr is a mobile ordering and payments solution that aims to create a seamless dining experience for our users and restaurant partners.

Innovative Lending platform whose vision is to be the go-to place for credit, investment, and finance requirements of individuals and business owners.

Startup-O is a Singapore-based platform that curates promising startups from any location and provides them with Strategic Seed Capital & connects with Global Experts.
The platform is created by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs who believe in going the extra mile.

Zilliqa is the world's first high-throughput public blockchain platform - designed to scale to thousands of transactions per second. The platform is tailored towards enabling secure data-driven decentralised apps, designed to meet the scaling requirements of machine learning and financial algorithms.

ZAP allows customers to earn points with just their mobile number, no apps or cards needed. Merchants get a white label loyalty program giving them valuable customer data and the capability to automatically reach out to non-returning customers.

Javelin Startup-O Victory Fund SPC, a Cayman registered fund focused on startups, to invest in the winners of quarterly Fasttrack competitions run by Startup-O.


Aalok Doshi
CEO / Biz Dev

Deep understanding of digital disruption and leveraging technology to solve problems. Rich global experience building and scaling teams in cutting edge technology domains while at companies like Cisco, Microsoft.

Sai Shankar

Significant experience working in startups and early stage entities focused on deploying a capital. CFA charterholder.

Nitin Nath

Serial entrepreneur & angel investor in emerging Asian markets. Expertise in enabling financial success for early stage startups.

Anuj Jain

15+ years of experience in ‘Go To Market’ domains across 14 Asian markets from ‘Japan to Jakarta’. CEO at Startup-o which invests into innovative startups.

Steve Davies

Angel investor for over a decade and member of Entrepreneur's Organization (EO) Singapore. Previously he was senior director of ABN Amro’s Asian equity business.